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Joining Freemasonry

If you've ever thought about becoming a Mason, you've come to the right place. Trying to 'whittle down' all of the confusing information about the organization can perhaps seem somewhat overwhelming. Have You Considered Becoming a Mason?There are many terms which might be unfamiliar to you and there are so many questions to ask. We'll try to give you an understandable and informative explanation.

On our web site we have a brochure titled "Have You Ever Considered Becoming A Mason?". Although brief, it addresses many of the common questions about Masonic membership. Click on the graphic on your right and we'll open that brochure in a new page in your browser; simply click the X in the upper right corner of that page when you're done and you'll be right back here.

Your Family Can Play an Important RoleIn addition to the basics outlined in that brochure, we know that many prospective candidates have questions about family involvement. Again, we have on our site a brochure which addresses these issues. Click on that red brochure to the left to read about the role your family can play when you're a Freemason. Our Vermont lodges actively support family events and it's important to understand that your obligations to Freemasonry come after any duties you owe to God, your country, your family/neighbor or yourself. Being a Mason is being part of a worldwide fraternity which should never come before your religious or family commitments.When Your Husband or Father is a Mason

Some who are reading this page may have a father or grandfather who is/was a Mason. If so - or you may be the wife of Mason (or someone who's considering it). If so, we've got yet another brochure designed specifically for you. Again, click on the graphic to your right! Even if this doesn't apply in your case, you may find it interesting.

If you're here, we suspect you know that Freemasonry has a rich and extensive history which extends back three hundred years or more. There are believed to be over a hundred thousand books which have been written on the subject and there are hundreds if not thousands of web sites as well. While every Mason is part of this long and proud chain of fraternalism, he is also intimately linked to his local lodge where his Masonic activities will start. On our site, we've got a map for you to locate a lodge near you and we've got a listing of lodges by town where there's also contact information for the Secretary of each lodge. Feel free to call, write or e-mail for further information.

On our site, we also have a Petition for Membership (it's in Adobe PDF Format and is for Vermont only!) which you can download, print, and complete. If you know a Mason, talk to him about how to proceed. Otherwise, contact the Secretary of the lodge nearest you who'll be happy to explain the process.

A candidate for membership in Vermont must be sponsored by two Masons. The process, however, is not as daunting as it sometimes is imagined by those who look at Freemasonry from the outside. Even if you don't now know a Mason, you will once you contact us. There will be an inquiry to assure us that you are of good character and can be trusted to behave in a just and upright manner in all your dealings. You will become a true Brother to the millions of other Masons around the world and it is important that we can vouch for your trustworthiness.

Once you become a Mason, you'll find the friendship and fraternity open wide to you. It is truly unlike that of any other organization you might imagine. Ask any Mason: they'll tell you!

Now if you've read this far, we suspect you might be seriously considering membership. Take a moment now to make contact. SO many men put it off and then, twenty years later, kick themselves for having not done it sooner. Don't you be that person!

If you'd prefer, you may contact the Worshipful Master of our lodge, Michael Lunn, who'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

          Will you be our Brother soon?